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Rehabilitation over Incarceration | Protection over Rejection

Rehabilitation over Incarceration | Protection over Rejection

Experience In & Out of the Courtroom

The 315th Juvenile District Court handles two types of cases. Juvenile delinquency cases where youth, between the ages of 10-17, has allegedly engaged in delinquent conduct. In addition to cases involving the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services (“CPS”), where there has been allegations of child abuse or neglect.

I decided to run for judge because I want to be in a position to ensure that fairness & justice is given to everyone. Judges are the ultimate decision makers and those decisions are life altering. As a product of Harris County and the Foster Care System, I am too familiar with the fact that one decision has the potential to propel someone’s life towards success or disaster, as well as those connected to them. If elected, my decisions will be made by looking at each case holistically, while listening to each set of facts and applying the law with compassion based off of the information presented. My experience is not limited to the courtroom. I have the real life experience of a juvenile who has been a part of the system, something that a text book or law book cannot teach you. I also have the experience as an attorney representing the system & following the law. A judge should be a reflection of the community they serve. Because of these experiences, I am the right candidate to preside as judge the 315th District Court!

The Law Serves The People!

The Judge Is Seated On The People’s Bench!

She Is The People’s Champ For 315!

We Need A Champ On The Bench!

Do Justice ⚖️ Due Justice